Business as usual for most of UK landlords 8/3/2017

linkuk_admin   March 13, 2017   Comments Off on Business as usual for most of UK landlords 8/3/2017


Research by Simply Business has revealed that the majority of landlords aren’t put off by changes recently made to the property investment market.

Whilst 48% of those questioned do think things are getting harder to invest in property, they don’t intend to quit anytime soon.

An additional 12% think it’s only possible to be a landlord in the UK if you’re already established as some regulations, i.e. the changes to stamp duty, have made property investment more pricey from the start.

However, 22% of participants are certain of the positive developments of the country’s property market and strongly believe in their bright property future.

Another 56% of landlords said they were feeling positive about 2017 and the buy-to-let market.

And whilst the Government seems to be trying hard to make life a little bit more difficult for property investors, lenders on the other hand are also doing their bit to make the market more attractive again.

In addition to that, those who actually stick it out and keep believing in Britain’s property market may actually end up with less competition. If some end up choosing to opt out and sell their portfolio, the share will be split between fewer investors, giving them the option to even raise rents if they wanted to.

Although this is certainly a possibility, another shift appears to have happened. With Generation Rent constantly growing and millennials being more reliant on their landlords, the relationship between tenant and owner has also changed.

Some might suggest tenants and landlords are turning the Private Rented Sector into one of dialogue and compromise. And with this, they’re turning it into a healthy segment of the market that’s here to stay.